Leading the Next Era of Wealth, with Polity

— A software development and project management cooperative established by its founders to develop a decentralized wealth technology project, Polity.

About Bastion Cooperative

Bastion Cooperative is the developer of Polity: an enterprise-grade federated crypto wealth management network for professional advisors and their clients. Polity brings together advisors, app merchants and investors on an open-architecture crypto wealth management marketplace. 

Bastion Cooperative was consitututed on 31 May 2022 and registered in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register as Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (in German "Kleine Genossenschaft”) pursuant to Art. 488 para. 1a PGR on 31 August 2022.

Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative

Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (“LVC”) is a specific legal form under the laws of Liechtenstein allowing innovators to contribute their ideas, work as an investment, to make non-cash and capital investments while their interests as founders of and contributors in the new business undertaking are transparent and duly protected throughout the life circle of the new venture. The LVC serves as a platform for cooperation with the aim to advance an innovation and then bring it to the market. It offers the structure to make the weighting of financial participation and participation in the form of know how or work easier and to make it fair for all participants.

Polity Network: Gateway to DeWealth

A next-gen federated network for professional crypto advisors, wealth managers & their clients - qualified investors.

Intro to DeWealth

A decentralized wealth or DeWealth gateway aimed at self-directed, advised and managed investments in the tokenized space.

Community Ownership and Governance

Embracing community ownership, Polity ensures secure, non-custodial crypto investments where users retain full control over their assets.

Marketplace Connection

Seamlessly connecting wealth product providers with consumers in a transparent, decentralized marketplace.

Digital Wealth Accessibility

Polity's mission is to elevate digital wealth accessibility, pushing forward the distribution of tokenised products in the financial space.

What is DeWealth?

DeWealth is the decentralization of wealth management using blockchain technology. It offers individuals greater autonomy, transparency, and security in managing their wealth while safeguarding their privacy, all in a user-friendly way. DeWealth harnesses elements like self-sovereign identity, smart contracts and non-custodial asset ownership to enhance user control and streamline compliance, fostering a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem

Polity pDAO

Polity Network's will be governed by a public, permissioned, project, and professional Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), known as the Polity pDAO®
Public: Polity Project will be developed and managed by the pDAO community using a decentralised governance model.
Permissioned: Polity will implement onboarding criteria – Permissioning – for the pDAO members to ensure integrity within the ecosystem.
Project: Polity pDAO's sole purpose is to develop and operate the Polity Network, functioning as a decentralised project management organisation.
Professional: All Polity pDAO contributors involved in the delivery and management of the Polity Project shall be suitably qualified and vetted professionals.
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Our Team

Day-to-day operations of Bastion Cooperative are run by the Management Board elected by the GMM.
Janina Petrowska
Ben Baldieri
Alexandre Kotcherguine
Konrad Lemanczyk
Laurent Strauss
Alexander Zschokke
Lukas Weidener

Become a Bastion Cooperative member

Bastion Cooperative invites motivated professionals and crypto enthusiasts interested in becoming part of a new and rapidly developing project team to join as Contributors to partricipate in building and maintaining a complex, multi-year, enterprise-grade Web 3.0 technology product.